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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Good Vibes and Staying Alive

Ah summer… That time of year when, regardless of what you’re doing, you’re bound to contract a serious case of FOMO.

The problem is that here on the beautiful West Coast of Canada, there are so many awesome summer activities that you’re going to miss a few. Only this year we are down one. As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Pemberton Music Festival was cancelled 🙁

I had the time of my life at Pemby Fest last year, so I was devastated to learn that I wouldn’t be able to recreate that experience. Thankfully though, Tyler had come up with an alternative plan- Tall Tree Music Festival.

Port Renfrew? Where’s that?

I had heard of Tall Tree Music Festival before, but never of Port Renfrew, so I hadn’t really thought about attending the event until it was the only option we had.

Fast forward through some planning and ride bumming, and we had arrived. Armed with our best festival attire, we were determined to make this weekend every bit as much fun as we had imagined Pemberton was going to be.

Now, music festivals are known for their party atmosphere, and with the Fentanyl crisis in B.C., I was worried that my status as a registered nurse was going to make this weekend more about work than play for me.

Not so!

One thing that really impressed me at Tall Tree (aside from the amazingly friendly vibes of my fellow festival goers) was the harm reduction tent.

A clearly marked tent in the middle of the main pathway was the place to be for those in search of drug testing, free condoms, first aid, or any other form of judgment-free medical advice to make their festival experience safer. And, of course, Naloxone kits…