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Why do we need a National Nursing Week?

Soy una enfermera. I am a nurse.

When I entered Nicaragua and was asked by the customs agent what I did for work, I responded with ease. In fact, it was some of little Spanish I remembered from high school. Content with my response, she smiled, stamped my passport, and waved me on.

Being a nurse is my profession, but it’s also part of my identity. After studying for years at university to obtain my bachelor’s degree, passing the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination, donning scrubs and a tag bearing my name, enduring consecutive 12-hour shifts on my feet, and working one of the hardest jobs I can imagine, I’ve earned this title.

I’m not the only one that thinks that. The law agrees with me.

The word nurse is a legally protected title in Canada, and for good reason. As a patient, you wouldn’t want just anyone calling themselves a nurse. There’s a lot of meaning behind that tiny little word, and that meaning changes depending on who you ask…